I am a software engineer currently living in NYC.

Originally from Liverpool, England, however, grew up in Perth, Australia. I have a great passion for technology.

Things I’m working on right now

Modernization and moving to the cloud

  • Kubernetes / Istio / Helm
  • Managed services


  • Infrastructure and configuration as code e.g. Terraform, Packer, Docker
  • CI/CD pipelines - blue, green deployments
  • IT operations
  • Quality assurance

Team and people management

Currently managing a great team, highly motivated and exceeding all expectations

Core skills


Deep familiarity with the entire ecosystem from the hosting platforms, web frameworks, ORM libraries, core libraries, windows services, package management and everything that makes .NET applications around the world tick


Understand end-to-end delivery of a commercial Python application


To do my job I have always needed to have a deep understanding of how the API technology at the time worked. I have created/consumed/debugged APIs with the following technologies SOAP, REST and gRPC.

CI/CD pipelines

Reliably deploying any application or configuration change is essential to keeping a sane lab. I have set up entire CI/CD pipelines for organizations.

Application reliability, hosting and monitoring

Ownership of an application after it goes live is incredibly important. To try to keep on top of this I have set up dashboards and monitoring with business-friendly metrics for production systems.

Relational databases

Throughout my career, I have utilized Microsoft SQL Server

Non-relational document databases

Comfortable with using document-based databases such as MongoDB

Other skills

  • NodeJS
  • Search APIs e.g. Solr and ElasticSearch

Other hobbies

  • Mountain biking
  • Travel