Autocomplete with static files [2/4] - Visualization of words in a Trie

An interactive visualization of how to implement autocomplete without a backend server, using only static files. This post will help with understanding the underpinnings of autocomplete using a Trie data structure.

Tue Nov 21 2017

This post allows you to visualize how autocomplete data would be arranged within a Prefix Trie data structure. If you would like an introduction to Trie data structures before continuing, please check out Julia’s article on Medium.

Using the visualization

  • The words can be changed on the fly; this will adjust the Trie diagram
  • Sentences may be used instead of words
  • The letters constituting each of the words are represented in the tree as nodes
  • The end of each full word is marked on the node with the text “endWord”
  • Clicking on any of the nodes will trace down from that node. You will be shown the words and have an option to download them.

    • This is the basis; we will expand on when we implement our autocomplete static file generator

Source code

I created this visualization with the React framework, to the availability of ReactD3 and ReactD3 Tree.

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